Fancy trying to spot a waterbuck on safari holidays?

Those who are keen to spot an array of weird and wonderful animals might like to head for a wildlife excursion in Namibia.

If you have ever had a bad hair day then it might be easy to sympathise with one waterbuck pictured in the Daily Mail, as its crooked horns make it look like it was fitted with a dodgy headset.

But for amateur photographer Ingrid Bunse it provided the ideal photograph opportunity and her snap may inspire others to follow suit and go on safari holidays armed with a camera.

One of the waterbuck's horns was pointing upwards, as they are supposed to, but another was shaped downwards in a strange curl.

Ms Bunse said: "I don't know what caused the horn to curl like this but it didn't seem to be too bothered by it."

Last year, Michelle Li, writing for Seek4Media, pointed out Namibia is one of the cheapest places to go on a safari in the continent.