Fall in love ‘with elephants and giraffes on safari holidays’

Everyone has their favourite animal, but a person's beast of choice could change after a wildlife excursion.

Elaine Yong, writing for the Vancouver Sun, pointed out both her and her mum fell in love with elephants and giraffes while on safari holidays in Botswana.

But she noted her dad was keener to spot the warthog and wildebeest, adding: "There are plenty of sightings to indulge us all."

What's more, Ms Yong described seeing "many rare and exotic feathered creatures such as the memorable lilac-breasted roller and carmine bee-eater – both as resplendent as their names suggest".

In addition, she noted sleeping under canvas is the ideal African safari experience "and the romance of a bygone era".

But those looking to try out a different country in the continent might be keen on Zambia as Conor Pope, writing for the Irish Times, stated he saw an array of animals on a wildlife excursion in the nation on his way to Victoria Falls.