Explore South Africa’s national parks on Google Street View!

If you’re planning a trip to South Africa and have already got the urge to get out there and explore the country’s beautiful landscapes, Google have recently announced a new initiative which may go some way towards keeping you going while you wait for the departure day to come: every one of the country’s national parks are now viewable on Google Street View.

Imagery of all of the South African national parks, nature reserves, top tourist attractions and a host of new trails has now been launched, meaning you can have a look around for the locations you would most like to visit in real life before you go.

Gathering the images to showcase South Africa around the world was a year-long project involving over 200 volunteers from across the country. While some were rangers and guides from local organisations, many were simply avid hikers and nature enthusiasts who were keen to get involved.

Magdalena Filak, program manager for Google, expressed her gratitude for the efforts of the volunteers.

“The hundreds of volunteers who helped along the way proved to be truly passionate about showing the best of South Africa through their participation in the loan program,” she said.

The photography was carried out via custom-made backpacks fitted with cameras focused on multiple directions: “the off-road equivalent of Google’s Street View cars,” as explained by Andre Van Kets, the coordinator of the volunteer program.

“For the first time, travelers and wildlife lovers from across the globe can explore the full spectrum of South Africa’s diverse wilderness areas on Google Maps and Street View,” Van Kets added.

If you would like to travel to South Africa from the comfort of your home before you visit for real, head to Google Street View!