Explore maritime history on South Africa holidays

Travellers looking to stray away from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and take some fresh air into their lungs may be tempted to take a hiking trip and see one of the region's famous shipwrecks.

A day out to the Wild Coast may be a perfect venture on South Africa holidays, as the Grosvenor, a vessel from the East Indiaman company, struck a reef there in 1782.

While at sea, Captain John Coxon confused inland fires as "something similar to the Northern Lights" and ordered his men to keep onward. A total of 123 crew survived and reached land.

However, they were attacked for flying the Dutch flag because the locals had been at war with Holland. By the time they completed their journey, only 18 remained.

Over the years, pieces of gold and silver have been found on the shore and worldly adventurers may be able to find their own treasure.

The Wild Coast itself is on the Eastern Cape and runs from the southern Great Kei River up to the Mtamvuna in the north.