Explore Kenya’s coral islands on a Dhow

When the word safari pops up when planning a tailor-made Kenya holiday, you could be forgiven for conjuring up images of driving through dusty plains in a 4×4 with your binoculars out and the wind blowing in your hair as you attempt to spot leopards and lions. Kenya is famed for its safari holidays, and its reputation is justified. However, game drives are not the only way to experience a safari adventure in Kenya. If you’re looking for a day out with a difference, why not swap the savannah for the sea and hit the water in a traditional Dhow?

Exploring Kenya’s coral islands on a Dhow

A Dhow is a traditional sailing boat. If you fancy exploring Kenya’s stunning coastline and its wonderful coral islands, this is the way to travel. Navigating the calm, clear waters, you can soak up the sunshine, take in the views and keep your eyes peeled for vivid flashes of colour beneath the rolling waves. Popular Dhow voyages include Wasini Island day trips and tours of Lamu Island.

Wasini Island

Located within the underground playground that is the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve, Wasini Island is an idyllic location to swim, snorkel and dive. If you have a mask and flippers handy or you’re an experienced scuba diver, you can look forward to incredible sights underneath the surface. The vibrant coral stretches for miles, and there’s a veritable feast of colours on offer. Look out for fish of all shapes and sizes nipping in and out of the reef and sea turtles gliding majestically through the rippling water. Once you’re back on board the boat, sit back, relax and look out for dolphins leaping gracefully out of the waves.

Lamu Island

It’s impossible to sail the seas around Lamu Island without spotting sails aplenty in the gentle swell. Dhow tours are very popular here, and it’s not hard to see why. The calm waters are ideal for Dhow safaris, and this really is a fantastic way to spend a day. As you move closer to the island, you can jump off the deck and explore the crystal clear waters, looking out for the coloured coral and a dazzling array of sea life. From the boat you can also enjoy views of neighbouring islands dotted with quaint fishing villages. On your way home, you can watch the blue water turn golden as the sun sets.