Durban reservations inundated with festive merrymakers

Durban reservations inundated with festive merrymakersStill in the height of the festive season, the South African beachside community of Durban has been inundated with visitors flocking to the Rainbow Nation city to join in the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Accommodation complexes in Durban and the adjoining KwaZulu-Natal town of Umhlanga were described to have their telephone lines ringing off the hook according to local tourism bosses.

The Tsogo Sun Hotels centre in the former hub was understood to have received 1,000 reservation enquiries on both the 23rd and 24th of December in the lead up to Christmas Day.

This peak tourism season is expected to extend right through until January 9th, according to Michael Jackson, chairman of the regional Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa.

The chair noted that schools in the bustling South African hub of Johannesburg are set to re-open on January 15th, thus meaning domestic travellers have been persuaded to remain on vacation along Durban’s picturesque coast.

The visitor swell is considered even more impressive for Durban and her surrounds given the hindrances of Mother Nature in the lead up to the Christmas period, but it seems travellers weren’t deterred from enjoying their vacation in KwaZulu-Natal.

Umhlanga Tourism Association chairman, Peter Rose noted “This year, the weather was not kind to us until the 19th when it improved.

“Now, we are having exceptionally good weather and the beaches are packed with good crowds. By and large, the occupancy rate is extremely high.”

Due to her proximity along Africa’s east coast next to the Indian Ocean, Durban is typically humid in the summertime but enjoys warm and dry winter periods.

This goes a long way to tell you why it is such a popular destination for travellers on memorable trips to South Africa.