‘Do research’ before Kenya holidays

People planning to go to Africa would be well advised to research their trip beforehand.

This is because Dan Linstead, editor of Wanderlust magazine, noted no one wants to go somewhere that will be swarming with tourists, something those going on Kenya holidays may want to consider.

"The onus is on popular destinations to manage tourism intelligently," Mr Linstead added.

He continued by saying individuals should get themselves a guide book and "read about the issues" the area may have.

If holidaymakers do investigate the area, there is a good chance they will find an intimate spot for themselves to enjoy.

Mr Linstead remarked travellers should go when it is off-peak, stay in locally-owned accommodation and avoid "honeypot sites".

The Swahili island of Lamu in Kenya is one of the locations that features on Wanderlust's annual Endangered Destinations List.

Destinations on the rundown need greater care and attention in order to retain their authenticity.