Discover Victoria Falls: The gem of Zambia holidays

Discover Victoria Falls: The gem of Zambia holidaysIn your existence, just how many times will an environment truly take your breath away? Life is all about accumulating as many worldly experiences as possible, and we are sure that you will be awe-stricken by the sheer natural beauty of Victoria Falls on holidays to Zambia.

Located on the Zambezi River between the Zambia and Zimbabwe border, an overwhelming mass of water proudly pours over a prominent ledge making for a fascinating scene with a centre height of 355 ft (double the height of Niagara Falls). The resulting spray is visible from miles around, creating one of those locations you simply have to visit before you die.

Coined ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ by the Kololo tribe that resided in the region in the 1800’s, it is quickly understandable why such a phrase was initially applied. The crashing current and the haze of the water curtain produce an eerie mist, which adds to the magic of the place.

Given the sheer size of Zambia as a nation, the best way to begin your Victoria Falls adventure is by boarding a flight bound for the border city of Livingstone. If you are hopping around the continent, the town is served by the Maramba Airport, which connects to the capital Lusaka as well as Johannesburg in South Africa.

Victoria Falls is located just 11 km from Livingstone and the landmark is accessible by travelling south on the Mosi O Tunya road making for a quick transfer. At this point, you should be making sure your camera is stocked full of functional batteries, as the almost two km wide waterfall possesses numerous viewing spots to take those all-important snaps.

Knife Edge Bridge offers visitors a spectacular first hand view across the centre of the falls and is perfect to for spectators to witness the 546 million cubic metres of water that plunge from the basalt plateau per minute on a clear day.

But, if you want to go one better than this, why not try a bird’s eye view instead? Although it’s not for the faint-hearted, Victoria Falls can also be viewed from the sky courtesy of micro-light wing flights. These are not only removed from the crowds, but removed from the ground altogether meaning the crashing waters can be seen from an entirely different, and arguably superior, angle.

The gorge in which the water plummets into, locally known as ‘The Boiling Pot,’ also represents a great spot to view the falls in all their splendour by boat. Although the long descent to the bottom of the cavity may prove tiring, it is certainly worth the struggle considering this is the closest you are likely to get to the falls.

Leave all the worries and struggles of life far behind, as you navigate the course of the gorge on your Zambia holidays at Victoria Falls. The only worry you may have is losing your camera to the current while experiencing the sheer excitement at the sight of this majestic form of nature up close!

It must be acknowledged that there are better times in the year to visit Victoria Falls than others. While March to April represents the peak flood season, meaning more of a spectacular water flow, the mist can disturb a normally ideal view over the falls. If you’re planning an aerial view, visit during this time. But, visit in other months to sample the falls in all their glory.