Devil’s Pool: the ultimate infinity swimming pool

Thousands of years of erosion by the waters tumbling over Victoria Falls have gifted travellers with a scenic rock pool right on the edge of the sheer drop of the falls. From mid-August to mid-January, when the drier weather causes the levels of the Zambezi River to drop, you can make the trip out to what is one of world’s most unique infinity pools: Devil’s Pool.

Part of what makes this dramatic viewing point so special is the trip to get there, which is just as exhilarating as the views you get when you reach the lookout. After a boat ride, tour guide will take you on a walk along the river bank before showing you the way to swim the short distance to the pool, which is only accessible from the River Zambezi.

Once there, you can take a dip in what is surely one of the most magical natural pools on the planet. You can quite literally lean over the edge of the 100-metre drop as the water thunders down just a few metres away. Watching the waterfall hurl such massive quantities of water over the drop (500 million litres every minute) really makes you feel the full force of mother nature, and you’ll soon appreciate why the falls are known as The Smoke that Thunders when you see the spray rising from below.

It’s common for rainbows to form just over the edge, and if you manage to catch one of the double rainbows that sometimes make an appearance here, your entire trip will be made! Standing by on the bank, the tour guides who lead the expeditions will take amazing photos of you in the water which you’ll treasure for ever.

There is also a historical significance to this spot: look out for a plaque which shows where David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer who discovered the falls, first laid eyes on the great Victoria Falls.

After you’ve taken in the views, taken all the pictures you’re keen to get and enjoyed a splash around on top of one of the world’s biggest waterfalls, you’ll be whisked off to a cooked breakfast – the perfect way to round off the trip!

You don’t need to be an olympic swimmer by any means to make the crossing to the Devil’s Pool, but it is recommended that you only make the trip if you are a comfortable swimmer. Bring sturdy shoes with you as you’ll be walking over some muddy terrain. Five trips depart daily, so there are plenty of opportunities for you book onto a tour.

The expedition will set you back a little, but for an experience as unforgettable as this it is almost universally described as being worth setting aside a little bit of your budget. It will make you feel truly alive, and most who have visited Devil’s Pool say that it transformed their Victoria Falls trip into something really special. All that’s left to say is make sure to book your visit in advance, as places on this once-in-a-lifetime tour are quickly snapped up!