Consider jeep safari holidays

Jet-setters eager to explore the African savannah might like to do so by jeep, as such excursions have been described by a travel writer as one of the most "rewarding and popular wildlife experiences" that can be sought.

Nellie Huang of Tips from the T-List made this observation, noting that the most popular destinations for such safari holidays are Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana, with Tanzania's Serengeti National Park the most diverse and largest game reserve in the region.

"These safaris range from luxury safari holidays to basic camping safaris, depending on your budget and preference," she explained, which suggests that they are perfect for all kinds of travellers.

People should keep their cameras at the ready, as the Big Five – lions, elephants, leopards, rhino and buffalo – are all likely to be in evidence.

Ms Huang's comments echo those recently made by Ken Brooks of The Payson Roundup, who stated that Kenya boasts "some of the most amazing collections of wildlife" to be found around the world.