‘Collect memories’ from safari holidays

A couple have recommended that others collect memories when they go on wildlife excursions.

Ron and Joyce Glazier, from Sudden Valley, have been on 11 safari holidays and have four more booked for the next eight months, the Bellingham Herald reports.

Ms Glazier noted that the pair love to spend their time in Africa as the people are gracious and kind, adding: "What touches my heart is seeing how our tourists fall in love with the country, the animals and the people, like we have."

They travel around in the south or south-east of the continent in a minivan or land cruisers and Mr Glazier recalled that he got so close to a lion once, he could have touched it.

He pointed out that one of his favourite destinations to have been on safari is Botswana, where Brendan Powell, writing for the Globe and Mail, recently noted is an ideal place to spot elephants in the wild.