Climbing Mount Kenya: Your next adventure

Kenya has a reputation for its safari holidays, but it also offers a tremendous option for those in pursuit of action and adventure. When you think of Africa’s mountains, you probably conjure up images of Table Mountain and Mount Kilimanjaro. However, Kenya has its own peaks to boast about. Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain, and it offers a gruelling but hugely rewarding challenge for those keen to push themselves. If you’re planning a personalised Kenya holiday, and you’re interested in testing your mettle, here are some tips to help you conquer magnificent Mount Kenya.

Before you travel

Climbing any mountain presents challenges for the mind and body. However, tackling Mount Kenya is particularly difficult. This is no walk in the park, and the routes to the summit are generally recommended for experienced climbers and those with a high level of general fitness. If you’re hoping to take on Mount Kenya, make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared.

The tracks

There are various ways to reach the peaks of Mount Kenya. For trekkers, a route to Lenana is recommended. For those with experience in climbing, tracks to Batian and Nelion are often favoured. It pays dividends to have an experienced guide with you. They can impart their local knowledge to show you the best paths, and provide health advice, reassurance and encouragement. You may also benefit from peace of mind that you have somebody who knows the weather and the environment like the back of their hand. The actual trek isn’t particularly demanding at the base of the mountain, and this presents a risk of altitude sickness. Many people tend to bolt up the first stage of the trek or climb, and this causes them to gain altitude quickly. If you’re with a guide, they can help you to determine the best pace.

The highlights

Climbing Mount Kenya offers you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best views around. On your travels, you’ll encounter incredible vistas of wildlife roaming around the dusty plains and dense forests beneath. There’s an abundant supply of elephants and buffalo around, and you’ll never tire of seeing these giant beasts lumbering in the sunlight. Once the forest subsides, you can take in panoramic views of the sprawling moorlands and spot brightly coloured sun birds swooping and gliding through the sky. You’ll also be treated to some of the most spectacular sunsets you could ever imagine. No matter how tough the climb, the experience and the feeling when you reach the summit will always justify the effort.