Choose 1 or 2 national parks ‘on safari holidays’

Those keen on taking in a safari should choose one or two national parks or game reserves to visit, rather than trying to fit in the whole of Africa in one trip.

This is according to Alex Strachan, writing for Post Media News, who pointed out only the scenery remains the same in such a region, the wildlife is constantly changing.

He added: "Why spend what little vacation time you have fighting your way through heat, humidity and dusty roads, when you can stay in one place, relax and spend most of your travel time actively looking for lions and elephants."

People planning to book safari holidays may like to take heed of his advice, as well as that given out by Vidyalaxmi and Preeti Kulkarni, writing for the Economic Times Bureau, who recommended individuals should plan their trip carefully beforehand in order to get the best value for money.