Cheetah cub images may inspire safari holidays in Kenya

Images of cheetah cubs climbing a tree may inspire some to go on a wildlife excursion in Africa.

Pictures on the Daily Mail website showed the little animals up a tree in Kenya, which might be an ideal destination for safari holidays.

The six small beasts, who are still covered in baby fluff, were playing in the Masai Mara as they attempted to join their mother, who was sitting at the top of the tree.

She may have been keeping a lookout for predators as cheetahs can be vulnerable when they are young, however they grow up to become one of the fastest mammals on the planet.

Paul Goldstein, who took the images, stated: "Cheetahs seldom climb trees, leaving clambering to leopards with their sharper claws."

Other countries in Africa where cheetahs, as well as zebras and impalas, can be spotted include Botswana, which was recommended by Mutaba, writing for the San Diego Reader.