‘Check out the apes’ on safari holidays

Naughty MonkeysAnimal lovers eager to see something more exotic than cats and dogs while on their travels might like to consider heading to Africa, where great apes can be found.

Marketing specialist Kamili noted that people on safari holidays will find these creatures in regions such as Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The Mahale National Park in Tanzania, for example, is where some of the last few wild chimps in Africa reside and is only accessible by air or boat.

"Set on a stretch of golden sandy beach overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tanganyika … Mahale Mountains National Park is known to be among the most remote and beautiful parks," it was observed.

However, Uganda’s Kibale National Park is where the greatest variety and concentration of the beasts are, so those on safari holidays determined to see some apes may find this caters to their tastes.

Other animals – such as impala and hippo – can be found elsewhere on the continent, such as Livingstone, as recently recommended by Gill Staden of eTurbo News.