Check out Chobe on safari holidays ‘to see thousands of buffalo’

Fans of buffalo spotting on wildlife excursions might like to visit Chobe in Botswana.

According to a piece written by Liz Clarke on Independent Online, she stated people will be able to take in thousands of the beasts "streaming in great crescents, like great heaving snakes, edging nearer to the water for a welcome drink" on safari holidays in the area.

What's more, it is a similar story for elephants as she pointed out there are hundreds of them rather than just one or two.

Ms Clarke stated one of the creatures were so close that its eye and part of its trunk filled the camera lens and she added: "You could even see its cluster of facial wrinkles."

Botswana was also recommended as a possible safari location to head to by Elaine Yong, writing for the Vancouver Sun, who noted she went days without seeing another tourist in the area.