Immense vistas over Africa in a hot air balloon

19 Sep, 2017

Safari holidays are a popular feature of travel bucket lists. We’ve all seen animals at the zoo, but nothing compares to watching nature’s giants meandering over arid plains or lush grasslands. There’s something spectacular about being just a few feet … Continue reading

Camp out under the stars in Botswana

15 Sep, 2017

Sleeping outside under the African night sky is an experience like none other. Giving you the ultimate bush camping adventure. Being out beneath the stars you are provided with spectacular views. On a clear evening, the stars will be out … Continue reading

Kenya: king of the skies

30 Aug, 2017

Nairobi is leading the way in terms of domestic air travel from elsewhere on the African continent, new figures from travel data company Forward Keys has revealed. The statistics, which took into account 10 cities in eight countries and were collated … Continue reading