Where to find waterfalls in Mauritius

19 Dec, 2017

Mauritius is a stunningly beautiful island where you can live out a fantasy of being cast away on a desert island. As well as magnificent powdery sand beaches, this enchanting island also boasts a collection of awe-inspiring waterfalls. If you’re … Continue reading

The best types of safari for your family

19 Dec, 2017

Safari holidays are among the most desirable breaks. You’ll often find a safari holiday on travel bucket lists and there’s nothing quite like an adventure of this nature. If you’re thinking about going on safari and you’re looking at personalised … Continue reading

How to explore Tanzania on a budget

14 Dec, 2017

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ll be forced to dismiss a trip to Africa because of the hefty costs involved, but in fact you can probably enjoy an adventure in hugely-popular Tanzania for far less than you expect. Travel is … Continue reading

South Africa ticking all the boxes on travel trends

05 Dec, 2017

Tourists scouting out the best location for their next big trip are increasingly adding hidden gems found off-the-beaten-track, social and environmental credentials and activity-based tourism to their checklist, and with the attractions to tick them all off, South Africa is … Continue reading