‘Catch a ride on a matatu’ on Kenya holidays

Family at airportJet-setters eager to get themselves well and truly off the beaten track while away might like to do so via a matatu when in Africa.

A "chaotically-decorated minibus", according to AOL Travel, this will take those on Kenya holidays to various destinations, although the journey is not likely to be a quiet one.

It was featured in a rundown of the strangest forms of public transport and can be spotted ferrying about bags, produce, people and livestock, with chickens being frequent passengers.

"Matatus are the most common form of transport outside of the country’s main cities," it was observed, suggesting that hitching a ride on one is more a certainty than a possibility, although tourists were warned that people "cling on wherever they can, even if that means out the back door".

Clambering aboard to be taken to Nairobi National Park – just 20 minutes from the city – could also be a good idea.

As the Independent puts it, this is a "mini-Masai Mara".