Catch a camel derby on Kenya holidays

CamelsSeeing something a little different while on holiday is generally an experience that most travellers are on the lookout for, so heading to Africa could be a great idea.

The northern province of Maralal may be the perfect choice of destination for anyone booking Kenya holidays as its annual Camel Derby is set to be held this August – an event that has been taking place every year since 1990.

Participants come from all over the world to take on the Kenyans and for spectators, the proceedings are also likely to be highly enjoyable as they watch the beasts race along the sandy course.

They could even decide to give it a go themselves, as dromedaries are available to hire, while for those less inclined there are donkey outings and – for the less adventurous, perhaps – bicycle competitions.

However, another Kenyan ride – the mutatu – could be just as exciting as a camel, with AOL Travel recently noting it is often so full that people "cling on wherever they can".