Carefully plan your safari holidays ‘to save cash’

Those looking to go away might like to plan their trip carefully beforehand in order to get value for money.

According to Vidyalaxmi and Preeti Kulkarni, writing for the Economic Times Bureau, cautious preparation and timely execution should ensure people make their cash go as far as possible.

The experts advise those keen to go on safari holidays to carry a plastic travel card as the chip-based products have security features and can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs for a certain charge.

What's more, they recommended people to look into taking out travel insurance, adding that many companies deal online these days to save the hassle of going in somewhere to book.

And individuals planning a long stay might like to think about buying a sim card when they reach their destination.

People keen on a safari may like to check out Tanzania, where Kaye Madsen, writing for the Cochrane Eagle, spotted the so-called Big Five animals – elephants, African buffalos, leopards, lions and rhinos.