Capture images of a rhino, elephant and giraffe ‘on safari holidays’

People heading out on safari may find they are able to amass a snapshot collection of an array of exotic animals – just like one photographer has done.

Those on safari holidays could take a leaf from the book of West Hazleton grandmother Rosemary Accri, who took pictures of elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, wildebeest and giraffes while on a South Africa getaway, Standard Speaker reports.

The holidaymaker visited the country's bush land as her son has been working in the vicinity for two years.

She noted seeing a lioness in person was a particularly memorable experience, saying of the animals: "Unbelievable. They are so huge. You're very intimidated by one. You can hear them breathing if everything is quiet."

As well as the different species on display, visitors are also treated to views of mountains, valleys and sunsets, Ms Accri added.

Writing for the Herald Scotland, James Cusick recently observed tourists in South Africa have the opportunity to see slow-moving herds of elephants of all shapes and sizes.