Cape Town’s new city logo expresses ‘opportunity’ and ‘progress’

Cape Town defends crown as world’s ‘favourite city’ Cape Town could be set to confirm a proposed new city logo, spending in excess of 140 hours in the development phase while incorporating six colours that reflect the true nature of South Africa’s most celebrated destination.

Developed by Yellowstone – a leading design agency – the new logo takes the form of a series of circles within one another, with outward arrow-like shapes cast against the circles to represent themes of progress, expansion and opportunity.

With bright green, orange and pink featuring in the logo, the vivid colour scheme reflects the vibrant houses of Cape Town’s famous Bo Kaap suburb.

Meanwhile the turquoise section with brown arrows emblazoned upon it represents Cape Town’s idyllic location between the South Atlantic Ocean and the iconic pursuit upon personalised South Africa holidays – Table Mountain.

Cast against the words ‘City of Cape Town’, the new graphic also features the wholly positive blurb ‘Making progress possible. Together’.

Yellowstone have been working on the logo since early January following tender approval from the City of Cape Town in September last year.

Cape Town desired a new logo to reflect their updated identity surrounding themes of collaboration and shared values and creative director, Marios Flourentzou described this point further.

He said “The City of Cape Town had changed their strategy, and they required assistance in building a new brand centred on the idea of collaboration and shared responsibility.

“For that reason, the primary objective of the design was to help the city build a reputation for the following things: ‘opportunity’, ‘progress’, ‘shared responsibility’ and ‘inclusivity’.