Cape Town to engage in ‘green’ tourism projects

Holidays to South Africa will take on an altogether more environmentally friendly feel this year after Cape Town announced the development of numerous eco-friendly, green tourism projects.

The city which is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year is looking to promote greater sustainability in the Rainbow Nation and some of the ways in which this is hoped to be achieved are by the implementation of eco-friendly hotels, growing initiatives and reducing carbon footprints on sightseeing tours.

Set to launch in May 2013, the new Hotel Verde will set the benchmark under the new directive. Overseen by the Bon Hotels group, Verde will be located adjacent to Cape Town International Airport and its ultra-modern and eco-friendly feel will be set off via a garden-topped roof, electric shuttles, a regenerative drive on elevators and wind turbines.

Not only will this allow travellers a greater consciousness surrounding their environmental footprint but it will also make for an interesting and unique venue to stay at during their trip. In addition to its green features, Hotel Verde will also comprise 145 rooms, conference facilities, a restaurant and fitness centre.

For longer stays in South Africa, travellers may be persuaded to become an urban food gardener under the non-profit SEED (Schools Environmental Education and Development) scheme. The directive mentors individuals in becoming “Sustainable Living” ambassadors in the Cape.

A third way in which Cape Town will engage in greener tourism activities is via reducing the carbon footprint of the city’s famed sightseeing tours. City Sightseeing Tours is already committed to lessening their negative environmental impact and will use recyclable materials in their future ventures.