Cape Town offers ‘everything’ to those on South Africa holidays

Cape Town offers people the best in beaches and entertainment, it has been claimed.

South African Tourism chief executive officer Thandiwe January-Mclean made the statement, which could convince some to go on South Africa holidays.

She noted the location can offer "infinite food, wine and adventure", while also boasting some of the best beaches in the world.

As well as this, events such as Cape Town Fashion Week highlight how it can host festivals that will appeal to a global audience.

Ms Thandiwe January-Mclean continued by saying the city is a perfect destination for those who are "lovers of fashion, design, music and art".

Fashion director of Cosmopolitan China Liu Yuewei added the city is "filled with mystery" and the way nature and buildings combine is not like anywhere else in the world.

The Sport and Events Tourism Exchange is also due to get underway in Cape Town on July 27th.