Camp out under the stars in Botswana

African TwilightSleeping outside under the African night sky is an experience like none other. Giving you the ultimate bush camping adventure. Being out beneath the stars you are provided with spectacular views. On a clear evening, the stars will be out in force, sparkling all over the black night sky.

In Botswana, there’s a range of constellations that are viewable providing for unforgettable stargazing opportunities which are unhindered by city pollution or bright lights. Patterns that form part of the Milky Way include the easily identifiable Southern Cross. Others which are viewable during different times of the year include Orion and Seven Sister also known as the Pleiades cluster.

Whatever your budget there is a camping opportunity to suit you. Whether you are looking for a little bit of luxury with a safari lodge, a romantic tree house setting or you’re looking to sleep in the wilderness with the animals in a tented camp there are options for all individuals with an adventurous spirit.

Whether this is your first time sleeping under the African sky or a yearly occurrence the experience never loses its allure. Sleeping within a national park gives you access to some of the world most spectacular wildlife. As you get tucked up in bed, you will be able to a hear a variety of exotic sounds, these include wild dogs or hyenas howling in the distance, the roar of lions calling and elephants trumpeting.

Botswana Baines and Abu Camps are found on the edge of the waters of the Okavango. An immersive experience within the Moremi Game Reserve, these two camps provide safari goers with the most luxurious ways to sleep outside. With four post beds risen high off the ground, you get to overlook the animals as these stroll past your deck. You will often see Hippos, Elephants and Buffalo venture on the grass below, allowing you to not only stargaze but get the perfect viewing spot for observing all the wildlife activity.

The Kalahari Game Reserve is the home of the Kalahari Plains Camp. Offering private suites, with beds on the roof you get a perfect lookout spot. With a reserve teeming with wildlife you will get to see a range of rare animals whilst having an unobstructed view of the sky.

If you’re looking for a fully outside adventure in the wilderness then why not try the Kanana Sleep Out in Okavango Delta. The bush experience it completely open to the night sky, therefore the deck and stay is weather dependant. With breath taking views of the milky way it’s an unmissable opportunity for all the adventure loving individuals who are looking to get up close and personal with the African wildlife.

After you’ve spent your night under the stars in some of Botswana best National and Safari Parks you get to experience dawn. The spectacular sight of the sphere sun rising over the horizon making the sky a spectrum of orange, reds and yellow. As the sun climbs, the night dew starts to evaporate bringing with it the scorching daytime temperatures.