Britons plan to book Kenya holidays later than usual

Tourist boards might be panicking this year as new research shows that Britons are putting off booking their holiday until later in the year.

According to Sainsbury's Travel Insurance, 23 per cent of holidaymakers plan to book their holiday between March and June. Just 16 per cent of Britons have already booked their trip for 2012.

Last year, 13.4 million people booked their holiday to Kenya or another destination by the end of February, but this year it looks like just 6.8 million people will be that organised.

This could be down to travellers being indecisive about where they are going and how much they will spend.

"It appears that more people will delay booking their holiday this year, presumably hoping to secure a better deal and the majority of us are aiming to reduce our spending money too," observed David Barrett, manager of Sainsbury's Travel Insurance.

The survey revealed that £765 will be the average cost of a holiday. Indeed, 13 per cent of holidaymakers planning a trip abroad say they will stay with friends and family, while one-fifth (17 per cent) will stay in a hotel.