Branch out to award-winning island on Safari holidays

People planning a large tour of Africa as part of their retirement might like to note that one of Mozambique's islands has received acclaim.

It might be ideal to branch out to the country after taking part in a wildlife-filled Kenya holiday, in order to spend time relaxing on what has now been noted as the best beach on the continent, at Vamizi Island.

The land mass was recognised in The Good Safari Guide 2011 for its beauty and was called "a pearl in thousands of miles of crushed shell".

Visitors could take advantage of some of the different experiences the region has to offer, from sunning themselves on the sand to casting a line in the ocean. The latter option may prove worthwhile, due to some of the fish found in the waters.

Over 50 different species have been seen swimming beneath the waves, including wahoo, yellowfin tuna and marlin – one of the most sought-after game in the world.