Botswana ‘was a deeply spiritual place on safari holidays’

Natalie Pinkham found Botswana to be a deeply spiritual place when she visited it for a wildlife excursion.

The TV presenter – known for being a regular on the panel of the Wright Stuff – wrote in the Daily Mail that she took a lot from safari holidays in the African country and left with a better understanding of herself.

She added: "You are challenged to take a hard look at yourself and those with you, in a way that you have never done before."

Pinkham – who went away with her boyfriend – described spotting hippos, giraffes and wildebeest among many other creatures in the 6,000-square-mile Okavango Delta, which she called an "oasis".

And those looking for a relaxing time on a safari might like to opt for the African nation as Elaine Yong, writing for the Vancouver Sun, pointed out last month she visited the country and went days without seeing another tourist.