Botswana ‘delivers traditional safari escapades’

Botswana could be the ideal African nation to visit for those looking to go on a wildlife excursion.

According to Mutaba, writing for the San Diego Reader, the country is able to deliver traditional safari holidays, adding: "Having a look around Botswana provides you with the chance to spy around the habitats of the myriad of wild creatures."

The blogger pointed out impala and zebra are common attractions during such trips in the nation, plus there are cheetahs and leopards that move without restraint.

What's more, elephants are known to wander around the banks of the Chobe River and inside the Chobe National Park.

These comments come after Liz Clarke, writing for the Independent Online, stated people will be able to see thousands of buffalo in the Chobe region.

In addition to this, she recalled getting so close to an elephant that on her photograph the beast's wrinkles were clearly visible.