Botswana appears live on Google’s ‘Street View’

Holidays to Botswana are now more informed than ever before after the African nation became the second in the continent to appear on ‘Street View’ mode on the Google Maps service.

South Africa was the first African country to receive an online panoramic street-level experience as provided by the tool prior to opening its doors to the world in hosting the 2010 football World Cup.

Now that Botswana’s neighbourhoods and scenery appear as part of a free roam web-based experience, prospective travellers can gain an informed insight of exactly where they will be staying, sightseeing and eating, in what is hoped to provide a tourism boost within the country.

The tool is a popular segment of Google’s online offering and Street View currently exists in more than 30 countries worldwide, largely in westernised nations. Would-be travellers are able to walk the Las Vegas strip block by block, stand beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris and peruse the Golden Gate Bridge from the comfort of their very own sofa in what is a truly addictive application.

Policy manager at Google Sub-Saharan Africa, Ory Okolloh said “Whether you are planning a safari, doing a homework assignment on Botswana, or promoting your local business, Street View will allow you to experience a slice of the country.”

Botswana mostly comprises desert with the Kalahari accounting for around 70 per cent of the landscape and even these isolated regions of natural beauty appear on the service as well as urban hubs such as the capital, Gaborone.

Google are also hoping to replicate the Botswana ‘Street View’ in fellow African nations. Okolloh continued “We hope to add more cultures, landscapes and sites as Street View continues to expand to new places.”