Bird lovers will be in “seventh heaven” in Mozambique on safari holidays

It may not be the first place that springs to mind but the African country of Mozambique could be an ideal destination for a wildlife excursion.

According to Kate Turkington, writing for Independent Online, bird lovers will be in "seventh heaven" in the country, as she pointed out there are more than 370 different species to see.

Those looking to book safari holidays might be interested to note the nation houses the Niassa Reserve, which is twice the size of South Africa's Kruger Park, in the far north of the country and "where elephants and sable roam among the highest concentration of game in Mozambique".

Overall, Ms Turkington stated visitors can get "beach, bush and solitude" from their time in the country, which could be music to the ears of individuals keen on a wildlife excursion.

In addition, people hoping to get some extraordinary surprises from their safari trip can get just that in Namibia, according to Emmy award-winning director and producer of wildlife documentaries Nick Stringer, the Guardian reports.