Between May and October ‘is the ideal time for Botswana safari holidays’

Those looking to go on a wildlife excursion this year might like to plump for between May and October.

This is because in a piece for the San Diego Reader, Mutaba pointed out this period is the best time to go on safari holidays in Botswana.

And the reasoning behind this is partly due to the weather conditions as they are much more "temperate" during this time, according to the writer.

People may want to check out overland excursions as Mutaba stated these are the "perfect worth-for-money escapade journey in Africa".

What's more, lodge safaris in the nation were also recommended by the blogger as they can be a "cost-effective" means of going on such a trip.

Earlier this month, TV presenter Natalie Pinkham – who is a regular on the Wright Stuff – pointed out she found Botswana to be a spiritual place when she went on a safari with her boyfriend, the Daily Mail reported.