‘Be quick with your camera’ on safari holidays

People considering a wildlife excursion in Africa may like to take heed of one writer's advice and ensure they don't dally when taking a picture on their trip.

Yvonne Bohwongprasert, writing for the Bangkok Post, noted that she learned to be quick with her camera as photo opportunities usually arrived at short notice.

But she also observed that plenty of occasions arose on her safari holiday to snap an animal in its natural surroundings.

Ms Bohwongprasert was advised not to stray too far from her vehicle when capturing images and was helped out by her guide pointing her in the direction of what to look for and where.

She added: "I managed to capture some rare moments on film including the odd sightings of lions, which indeed proved euphoric."

One of the locations to shoot decent pictures could be the Sanbona reserve in Africa, as recommended by Wendy Gomersal, writing for the Daily Mail, who stated that people who love safaris will enjoy this destination.