Annual world gathering heading to Rwanda

The Africa Travel Association’s 41st Annual World Tourism Conference will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 14 to 17 November. African leaders, government officials, investors and those in the tourism industry will come together next month to generate new ideas on further developing a sustainable tourism market.

Attendees will discuss using innovative business models, new technologies and strategic partnerships in the field to fuel economic growth and job creation across the country. The conference also aims to discover new tourism markets and put Africa’s rich culture and wildlife preservation on full display.

Stephen Hayes, president and CEO of the Corporate Council of Africa (the top American association focused on African business and investment), expressed his delight at the chance to take tourism in Africa to new heights.

“This year’s conference will be a learning and networking opportunity, as well as a launching pad for the exciting work we will be doing with our members throughout the year. We have had great success in creating events that generate ongoing benefits and opportunities and we are pleased to be applying our expertise to the tourism industry,” he said.

Hayes is excited for the convention’s potential and believes it will be a perfect platform for attendees to share their tourism insights and experiences, promoting education, collaboration and ingenuity. This will be the first World Tourism Conference held under CCA, which acquired ATA in January this year.

The development of a new convention center in Kigali, the country’s capital, is likely to bring more conventions to the area. In October this year, the city hosted the African Hotel Investment Forum, another highly regarded tourism event, and Rwandan officials are pleased to once again showcase all that the country has to offer.

The 41st Annual World Tourism Conference takes place 14 – 17 November, in Kigali, Rwanda.