An eco-friendly safari

More and more of us are making a conscious effort to contribute to saving our planet. If you’re planning a tailor-made Kenya holiday, you may be looking forward to spotting wildlife and taking in the stunning vistas, but you may also be conscious of how your actions affect the environment. The good news is that eco-friendly travel is becoming increasingly trendy, and there are some excellent green safari options on offer.


Eco-friendly safaris in Kenya

Travelling opens us up to incredible experiences, but it’s not always a positive thing. Trotting around the globe, going into natural habitats and setting foot in previously untouched areas can prove problematic and that’s why it’s so important to be conscious of the local environment and to make a concerted effort to adopt eco-friendly measures when you’re on safari.

At home, many of us take steps to save water and reduce energy consumption, but our efforts tend to go out of the window when we’re on holiday and the rulebook is torn up. If you are keen to be more eco-friendly when you travel, booking a safari holiday, which incorporates green living and protects the environment, is a great idea.

When you’re searching for safari options, look for camps and lodgings that use energy-efficient LED lights and solar power and those that recycle and use natural materials. You’ll often find that eco-friendly lodges are temporary buildings made from natural resources. This means that when the camp is dismantled, there will be no lasting impact on the surrounding area or the ground.

It’s also worth looking at safari holidays that are located in protected parks. Conservation efforts have been stepped up in recent years across Africa and visiting projects and parks that are involved in conservation work is a fascinating experience. You can also rest assured that every activity is planned with both the environment and its inhabitants in mind.

Most people think of game drives when they hear about safari holidays, but there are greener options. If you don’t want to spend all your time aboard a 4X4, you could also explore on foot. Walking tours are a fantastic way to get a different perspective, you’ll be able to spot different animals, and you can reduce your carbon footprint.


If you’re thinking of booking a safari holiday and you’re keen to do your bit for the planet, embrace the concept of sustainable tourism and look for eco-friendly lodges and greener ways of seeing the sights and spotting nature’s giants in all their glory. There’s a growing number of options available, and new innovations are being tried and tested all the time.