Airline ranks Cape Town as third most popular destination

Holidays to South Africa are often spent in Cape Town and the city has been ranked as the third most popular destination worldwide by customers of British Airways this season.

With the announcement being made by BA’s commercial development manager, Daniel Bainbridge, he confirmed that out of 175 global destinations on the airline’s charter, only New York and Miami ranked higher than the South African travellers’ hotspot.

Dubai and Hong Kong made up the top five and the Rainbow Nation is hoping that these positive statistics relating to consumer popularity can boost their chances of receiving the state-of-the-art Boeing Dreamliner aircraft with this batch set to be dispersed from May.

It is anticipated that South Africa will find out at the end of the month whether they are likely to receive such craft.

The Boeing Dreamliner has been described as the company’s most fuel-efficient airline that incorporates composite materials in the production process and British Airways would be the first European airline to include both this and the giant Airbus A380 in its fleet.

Fellow airlines that enjoy services to South Africa and Johannesburg in particularly – Air France and Lufthansa already use Airbus A380 aircraft and BA is expected to follow suit when it receives the first of these crafts in August.

Passengers who embark on holidays to South Africa will experience a luxury travel experience with these giant designs incorporating enough seats for 214 passengers separated into an allocation of 35 for business class, 25 in economy plus and 154 in economy.

Cape Town boasts fulfilling attractions for international guests such as Table Mountain, Robben Island and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.