African safari holidays ‘are a better gift in the long run than an iPhone’

Giving someone the gift of a wildlife excursion could be a more favourable idea in the long run than a piece of technology.

This is highlighted by Dave Wiggins, writing a piece in International Business Times, who stated people will be better off presenting loved ones with African safari holidays rather than an iPhone – on which people can access the internet and play music – or LED 3D TV.

He revealed a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concluded: "Whereas the satisfaction we get from holidays lasts along with the memories we treasure, the buzz we may get from buying a new car or gadget fades quickly."

And one of the professors of the study Thomas Gilovich pointed out people who have a new TV and then sees a friend has a similar gadget with a clearer picture may be jealous and annoyed.

But if the same person compares safaris with their colleague's story, which sounds better, they will still have their own memories and unique connection to a certain place.