African art could be great reminder of safari holidays

People who are keen on reminding themselves of their wildlife excursion in Africa may like to invest in some art.

In a piece for the Bangkok Post, Apiphong Jayanama, who was appointed ambassador to Kenya in 1993, discusses his collection of items from the country which remind him of his safari holidays.

He noted that Nairobi had some "fantastic" craft shops and all kinds of pieces had been made with "impeccable" skill.

Mr Jayanama stated: "Before buying artworks, I would go on safari taking pictures of elephants, rhinos, wild buffalo, lions and leopards, which are known as the big five animals of Africa."

And he pointed out that giraffes, boar, deer, zebras, and hippos are also fascinating to spot on a safari.

Those planning this type of holiday may like to discover what Kenya has to offer as recommended by Sankha Guha, writing for the Independent, who noted that the country has some "extraordinary" animals.