Africa sees an increase in Chinese travellers

In 2018, Africa is predicted to become a travel hotspot for Chinese travellers. The countries within this continent offer unconventional tourist experiences which are unique and appeal to tourists looking for adventures beyond the shopping and sightseeing of a typical resort holiday.

With relaxed visa requirements for many African countries and visa-free access to countries including Morocco and Tunisia for tourists from China, the travel appeal is quickly growing. Since the implementation of visa-free access to Morocco, Chinese arrivals in the country has grown 378% according to Travelzoo statistics which provides an incentive for other countries to implement these procedures to increase their tourism industry. These developments allowed Morocco and Tunisia to take two of the top three spots with the greatest growth in Chinese visitors against all the other big travel destinations.

Travellers are looking for an immersive, unforgettable experience that African countries are able to provide. With beautiful beaches and scuba diving, exciting safaris and rich history, there is in-depth engaging travel for everyone and those experiences are at the top of what the Chinese are looking for on their holidays.

Outside research showed that the number of people in China who planned to take multiple international trips is on a steady incline. These tourists have beach holidays at the top of their list followed by food and wine experiences and then visiting historical attractions and photography. Meanwhile, shopping, previously high on the travel list, dropped in popularity demonstrating a need for different available experiences. These factors are what is pushing countries in Africa to the top of their destination list and why previously dominating countries including Japan and Australia are starting to lose their hold.