A mokoro canoe safari

One of the most appealing elements of a personalised Botswana holiday is a trip to the world-famous Okavango Delta, a thriving hub which provides breathtaking animal encounters. There are various ways to explore, but surely one of the most exciting is a mokoro canoe safari.

Exploring the delta by canoe

The Okavango Delta is a vast inland body of water located in the north of Botswana. The delta is famed for its diverse collection of wildlife species, which spring to life when the delta floods and the grassy plains flourish. One of the best ways to discover the delta is by boat. Guides in this part of the world use a traditional canoe known as a mokoro to navigate the waters and treat visitors to a glimpse of life in the delta.

A traditional mokoro is made from tree trunks and the canoes are around six feet long. In the past, these boats were used for fishing and to transport people and goods, but now they play an important role in the tourism industry. Today, to make the business more sustainable and eco-friendly, mokoro makers use moulded fibreglass instead of wood. In most cases, each mokoro will carry a maximum of 2 people, so you’ll be able to enjoy a private tour. While you relax and chill out, your guide will stand at the stern, using a ngashi (a pole) to steer the boat through the winding waterways. Controlling the boat requires skill and poise and local polers hone their capabilities over long periods of time.

What you can expect from your safari

As you glide through the water, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the delta and the surrounding grasslands and you should find the experience incredibly tranquil. When you travel by boat, you can get up close and personal without startling or frightening the animals and you get a completely different perspective than you do on a game drive. On your travels, you can expect to see a broad spectrum of bird species, as well as some of the most treasured mammals drinking at the water’s edge. The Okavango Delta is home to the infamous big five, which includes leopards, lions, elephants, buffalo and rhino. You may also see cheetah, giraffes and impala.

If you’re considering a safari holiday in Botswana, it’s well worth looking into different options. A mokoro canoe safari will provide you with a completely different experience to a game drive: you may see different animals and you get the chance to appreciate the surroundings and enjoy a truly relaxing, tranquil wildlife spotting tour. You can kick back and listen to the sound of the birds in the trees and the rippling water while your experienced guide steers you through the peaceful waters of the delta. What could be better?