1-week or 10-day trip to Zambia ‘is recommended for safari holidays’

People hoping to go on a wildlife excursion might like to visit Zambia.

Chilala Habasimbi, first secretary tourism at the Zambia High Commission, recommended a one-week or ten-day trip to the African country as the ideal amount of time for safari holidays.

She advised first-time visitors to check out Livingstone, South Luangwa National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park and Lusaka.

Ms Habasimbi added that the former is "very nice" and great for individuals looking for a bit of adventure.

"For those who don't like too much heat, October is the month to avoid but it is the best month for safari as well," she pointed out, stating that it is a great time to see the animals clearly when the grass is dry.

Those who want to spend their honeymoon on a wildlife excursion may also like to go to Africa, as a piece in the Huffington Post noted that seeing the so-called big five animals could be a romantic perk.